Our Vision

  • Our vision for 101 Whitechapel High Street remains to:
  • transform the site into a vibrant, modern, and active commercial development.
  • ensure the site acts as a gateway between the City and Whitechapel, as Tower Hamlets Council has ambitious plans for job creation in the area.
  • revitalise this underutilised site into an economic hub that benefits the wider area.
  • create sustainable jobs and bring new businesses into the area contributing significantly to the existing local economy.
  • invest in the public realm around the site and enhance the local environment, while significantly increasing natural surveillance to reduce anti-social behaviour and crime.
  • add significant wider benefits to the local area through generating ‘social value’ from the development.
The public ground floor plan

Our Revised Plans

  • Our revised plans have evolved following detailed discussions with planning officers at Tower Hamlets. The new plans will deliver:
  • An office building ranging in height from 4 to 14 storeys with more than 23,000 sq.m. of office space. A reduction of five storeys in height from the previous plans.
  • Retaining and restoring the Victorian façade at the lower levels with a new colonnade.
  • An active ground floor with 767 sq.m. of retail space that is open to the public.
  • Dedicated affordable office space to support new and small businesses.
  • At least 2,000 new jobs will be created on the site with at least 430 targeted to local people.
  • Extensive public realm improvement in the wider area.
  • Extensive green landscaping to mitigate air pollution and improve natural experience.
  • A new multi-use playground for Canon Barnett Primary School.

A new place to work & relax

  • 101 Whitechapel High Street will be transformed into a vibrant and active location serving as a new place to work and relax. The development will provide:
  • Between 2,000 and 2,600 new jobs.
  • 430 - 560 jobs targeted to local people.
  • A two-level basement for plant and servicing areas.
  • No car parking.
  • New trees and green features to promote natural appearance of the area.
  • Improved and permeable footpaths to enhance area for pedestrians.

An artistic impression of the ground floor retail/café area which will be open to the public.